Staging Your Home to Sell Fast by Designer Maxwell L. Alexander

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Are you a home owner and thinking about selling your home? Or are you a Realtor and thinking about stepping up your game when it comes to Home Staging? Look no further! You are in the right place. Download this eBook presented by Maxwell Alexander, Designer and NYS Licensed Real Estate Instructor Maxwell L. Alexander and learn all the ins and outs of Professional Home Staging process. 

Some homes sit on the market for days, some for weeks, and some for several months or even years in a worst case scenario. If you’re like most homeowners, you’re hoping that you’ll land a contract quickly. 

There is a way that you can make that happen so that your home moves off the market fast. It might surprise you to know that this strategy really doesn’t involve a total renovation, either. 

You can sell your home fast by staging it. Some people aren’t aware of how their home appears to others because they have a sentimental value woven into the mix when they think about the value of their home. Staging helps you see through your prospect’s eyes. 


+ How Staging Can Make or Break Your Home Selling Success

Focusing on Rooms Where Staging Makes the Biggest Difference

Starting with a Deep Decluttering Process

Removing Personalized and Sentimental Items

Conducting a Thorough Cleaning of Your Home

Making a Decision on What to Repair or Remodel

Adding Props to Make Your Home Feel Inviting

+ And Much More...

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