Millennials: The Balancing Act of Working from Home by Maxwell L. Alexander

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The millennial generation has become a leading economic force behind many of the current business and cultural trends with generation Z following its footsteps. Millennials are more globally cultured, educated and independent in their view of the World. Freedom is a lot of value to us and therefore 9 to 5 employment contraption of the previous generation looks more like glorified slavery. COVID-19 pandemic accelerated hugely popular trend of working from home and Millennials are at the forefront of creating the new normal: global workforce of remote independent contractors with brand new work/life reality that hasn’t existed before. 

I’ve been working from home for over 5 years now, and just very recently I started to get most out of it, so I am thrilled to present this eBook which is a great resource to get you up to speed on Working From Home Lifestyle in way less than 5 years :) This eBook is perfect for Real Estate Agents, Designers, Social Media Marketers and so many other freelancers, yet again, because of the pandemic many other have become remote or partially work from home positions, so this book is great guide to get the most out of the new reality.

Maxwell Alexander Fitness - Wellness, Nutrition, BodybuildingTable of Contents

Chapter 01 - Introduction

1.1 Working From Home: The Possible Health Benefits
1.2 Working From Home: The Health Risks
1.3 What You Will Learn

Chapter 02 – Create your ‘Smart’ Lifestyle Design

Digital Nomad? Or Digital Homebody

Chapter 03 - Set-Up your Work Culture

3.1 Your Work Environment
3.2 Setting Up a 'Mobile Command Center'
3.3 Creating Your Home Office
3.4 Some Health Tips for Working at a Computer

Chapter 04 – Staying Discipline

4.1 Accepting Work
4.2 Choosing Clients
4.3 Revenue Streams
4.4 Targets
4.5 Systems
4.6 Hypothesis Testing
4.7 Your Personal Life

Chapter 05 - Optimizing Performance, Health and Productivity

5.1 Optimizing Sleep
5.2 Exercise
5.3 Nutrition
5.4 Introducing Kaizen

Chapter 06 - Home Business Models

6.1 Top Home Business Models for Lifestyle Design


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