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It was one of those beautiful evenings atop of the Mount Beacon. Warm sunset rays were flowing like rivers of gold all around me and crisp mountain air made me feel light and happy. Everything looks simple and easy when you are on top of the World and out of this place of calm and contentment Simplida.com was born. 

Photographer Maxwell Alexander

Wall decor is a dominant factor in setting the mood and tone of a space and finding the right piece of art is challenging. The aesthetics of my wall art collection at Simplida.com are meant to bring elements of peaceful harmony with the solid yet comforting infinite rounded edges, shapes, bokeh lights, extreme juxtaposition of clarity and depth of field. I am exploring timeless photography themes of nature, light, still life and beauty of the human body. In our day and age of content overload, I am thrilled to create therapeutic art that can certainly bring more feelings of calm, relaxation, and visual meditation into one's life. 

As artists, hobbyists, and gallery-goers alike, art has a therapeutic nature that takes us on a journey of self-discovery. This is true whether we are studying an exhibit at MoMA or glancing at wall art on canvas in between sales calls. Art therapy has gained a lot of traction in the psychological community for its ability to improve cognitive/sensorimotor function, increase self-awareness, and promote emotional resilience. At the same time, watching the soap canvas your windshield in a drive-thru car wash, we believe therapy—art therapy more specifically—is all around us, sometimes we just have to look.

Photographer Maxwell AlexanderThrough the literal interpretation of those two words, art therapy does not have to be an exclusively proactive experience. Art’s therapeutic nature comes solely from the process of eliciting unfiltered responses from the person who is engaged with it. How much further we want to take it is up to us. The fundamental pillars that make art therapy effective are present in every body of work, regardless of an audience’s level of engagement. That is why hanging wall decor in your home or office can induce feelings of meditation and relaxation, even from the peripheral.The canvas prints in my still life collection highlight the explicit detail of the hand-carved sculptures from the plaster of Paris. They capture the glowing reflections of the acrylic paint and gold leaf finish in a way that brings radiance and warmth to the spaces they occupy. Every selection has a unique and vibrant character of its own. And the powerful colorways amplify the emotional impact these sculptures make in a broad spectrum of angles and light scenarios.


Simplida.com wall art collection of still life sculpture, nature and architecture fine art photo prints are the perfect addition to any bedroom, family room, or office. Enjoy the calming aura these one-of-a-kind canvas photo prints as they bring your wall decor ideas to life. Transform the look of your home or office with the simple, contemporary look of frameless canvas prints from simplida.com.

Photographer Maxwell L. Alexander

Wall Art Decor - Fine Art Photo Prints on Canvas by Photographer Maxwell Alexander