The Sun is Out! Let's go Hiking and Explore the Beautiful Hudson Valley!

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The Sun is Out! Let's go Hiking and Explore the Beautiful Hudson Valley!

Enjoying Warm & Sunny Weekend in the Woods?

Bugs are now officially out as well! Here are a few tips to stay protected:

  • If hiking or camping in an area known as a tick & mosquito habitat, try to protect yourself, and children in particular, by wearing bright colored, long-sleeved tops and pants, tucking the bottoms of the pant legs into long socks.
  • Apply a generous amount of DA Aromatherapy Collection Natural Insect Repellent Spray, as a deterrent, onto clothing and skin.
  • For best results apply frequently. Inspect the entire body after hiking.

Natural Tick Repellent Infographic by DA Aromatherapy Collection

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