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For anybody, decorating on a budget can be a challenge, but it also can be very rewarding. It will also teach you how to showcase your home. In this book, we will provide great ideas and tips for decorating various rooms within your home without going over budget. Just by adding a few small, but creative and decorative details, you can make any home look like a million dollars. As long as you approach your decorating on a budget creatively, it should not only save you money, but will be fun also. If you want to create the perfect look...

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When it's time to sell a house, many homeowners start thinking about sprucing up the place or doing some renovations to get the most out of the sale. While renovations are a good idea, some are more important than others. Kitchen and bathroom renovations help a homeowner recoup the investment more than something like putting in new sod or replacing the home's siding. Some renovations are fairly simple, inexpensive, and are worth doing. Real Estate Tips on the Go: Renovations Worth Making Before You Sell Your Home in Hudson Valleyby Dino Alexander, CEO & Principal Broker, Alexander Maxwell Realty Over...

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