Our Aromatherapy Schedule

Our Aromatherapy Schedule

Orders are coming in day and night from all around the world. Since we make our products in very small batches, and most of the time made-to-order, we are constantly mixing some natural aromatherapy. The freshness of ingredients and products is very important to us, but also getting your orders packed and shipped fast. That's why all of our orders are timely packaged and priority shipped, because we know how excited you are to get your hands on all of these Organically Fragrant Natural Bath & Body, Skin and Hair Care Products made with plant-derived ingredients.

No Parabens, No Sulfates, Plant-derived Ingredients

Any free minute we get, the DA Aromatherapy team is crafting a new Organic Essential Oil Blend, a new Bath & Body product, or a new Natural Skin & Hair Care collection, so you can try them all!
P.S. A cup of organic Peppermint Tea is always a good idea!

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