Mighty Lavender - DA Aromatherapy Featured Herbs Series

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Mighty Lavender - DA Aromatherapy Featured Herbs Series

Lavandula (Common name lavender) class of flowering plants has 47 known types in the mint family (Lamiaceae). It is local to the Old World and is found from Cape Verde and the Canary Islands, Europe crosswise over to northern and eastern Africa, the Mediterranean, southwest Asia to southeast India. Many plants of sort are developed broadly in warmer climates as aesthetically beautiful plants for gardens and landscaping, for use as culinary herbs, and most importantly farmed for the production of essential oils. The most popular species Lavandula angustifolia is regularly called lavender, and called after the color of their flowers.

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Organic Lavender Essential Oil has a beautifully calming aroma which makes it a magnificent tonic for the nerves and uneasiness issues. In this way, it can likewise be useful in alleviating headaches, migraines, stress and anxiety. The reviving fragrance evacuates anxious weariness and eagerness while likewise expanding mental action. One review demonstrated that individuals taking tests demonstrated a critical abatement in mental anxiety and nervousness, and in addition expanded subjective capacity when they breathed in lavender oil and rosemary oil before taking the exam!

Lavender is a powerful antibacterial herb and can even be used for the treatment of acne. When added into lotions and face moisturizers it may improve complexion and help alleviate itching and dryness.

It is also an insect repellent. Many flying insects dislike the aroma of lavender essential oil, therefore, products containing lavender essential oils may serve as a natural insect repellent. Hang bags of dried lavender herb in your closets or put them in the drawers to repel moths. 

Lavender Essential Oil mists may reduce anxiety and calm nerves and the same time clear your mind and reduce fatigue symptoms.

Lavender oil in the room can help you rest better. Sprinkle on pads or add lavender oil to a diffuser to beat a sleeping disorder. Include two or three drops of lavender to a child's night shower to help with rest. On the other hand, you can sprinkle a couple drops onto a most loved soft toy or cover for comparable impact. Drink your lavender tea to prepare yourself to an unwinding and restful night

NOTE: Pregnant and nursing women ought to counsel with their doctor before utilizing this oil for any application.

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