Bed Bugs are on the Rise! Protect yourself with natural bed bug repellents.

Bed Bugs are on the Rise! Protect yourself with natural bed bug repellents.

We all love to travel to different places, countries, and climates. We all love going to movies, Broadway shows and department stores, especially if we are visiting New York City. Well, turned out that if your destination is anywhere between the North and South Poles than there is a good chance you will encounter bed bugs during your travels! Scientists suspect that global warming has something to do with a wide spread of bed bugs all over the World, plus air travel. As of today, some of the most sophisticated travel destinations like New York City and Miami are also deemed to be Bed Bug Capitals of the World. 

Bed Bugs are on the Rise! Protect Yourself!

There are numerous reports of bed bugs in department stores, movie theaters, offices and warehouses, not to mention hotels, hostels and residential buildings. 

So what can you do to counter the attack of a bed bug? You can try to squish it you find one, but that's gross! You can give up your blood and bring them back to your house in your luggage and on your clothes. They will make their way to your bed asap! Or you can repel them! That's right! Just use the power of organic peppermint essential oil and repel the bed bugs!

The solution is here and it smells great! It happened to be that organic peppermint essential oil, lavender essential oil and eucalyptus essential oils repel bed bugs. DA Aromatherapy's Zen Garden essential oil blend contains all of the above essential oils plus relaxing chamomile to help you sleep even better!

So if you are looking for a natural, pesticide-free bed bug repellent, look no further! Zen Garden Natural Bed Bug Repellent body and linen spray comes in 4oz bottle plus convenient 2.7oz travel size for avid travelers.



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